Saturday, 19 August 2017

Senior Citizen Income Scheme

India is a country with the highest younger generation people. Compared to many developed countries, there is less focus for differently abled & elderly people. It is true that they do not have encouraging environment in this Country. In addition, the elderly do not have economically good guidance. Nowadays the rate of interest for savings schemes is decreasing,hence the guidance becomes essential.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Good Monthly Income Scheme

We will cross several monthly income plans in our everyday life. We will invest in some of them. The possibility of exploring which plan is best is not for everyone. Therefore, we are investing on the basis of the advice we receive during our respective needs.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Gold is old

Gold .... what is gold? A metal. That's it... why can't we just move on like that?

As per statistics, Indians consume 28% of gold produced all over the world.. Why Indians go crazy about Gold? If women have gravity towards gold, there is a justification for it. They wear gold as a jewelry. There will also be millions of reasons for them for attraction towards gold starting from the neighbor house grandmother's earrings till film actress necklace.We wouldn't understand any of it. So let's leave it. But, why men are attracted towards gold!!

That's all because of its money value.Lets leave those exceptional men who wear those gold chain as if they are dogs tied up with chain. Other than that, everyone else is seeing gold as a good investment. There is reason for that. At the time of my great grandmother, eight grams of gold was 12 rupees and the same gold is now worth 25000 rupees. That's why gold is very important for everyone.

Gold is still the same investment vehicle. But the world has changed so much. Our idea towards gold was well-recognized by the government and tax was applied for purchase of gold similar to petrol. Even today, 3% is taxed through GST. Earlier, the price of gold can be well judged based on the seaons. The price of gold will go higher during Diwali and Pongal period. But after the globalization impact, gold is the product of the world stock market. There was a lot of change in gold sales. I am not talking about the monthly gold saving schemes in jewelry stores.

I will be explaining about the purchase of gold in electronic form which has many ways again,

  1. Gold ETF
  2. E-Gold
  3. Gold Mutual fund or Gold Funds of Funds

Except people who considers gold as jewelry, all others can buy gold in electric form. Buying in the electronic format will have below advantages 

• No worries about gold's quality
• No wastage & making charges
• When selling again, there is no concern about wastage & price reduction.
• There is no concern about gold's safety.
• No Wealth tax & G.S.T.

There are other taxes except the GST. Let's see it in detail later.

Gold ETF:

Gold ETF(Exchange Traded Fund) is based on gold pricing in commodity market. We need a demat & trading account to buy gold ETF. It will be more volatile. It's better for a short-term investment. If you withdraw within a year of investing, you have to pay capital gain tax. No capital gain tax for more than a year. In the systematic investment plan, we can invest in the desirable minimum amount in regular intervals.


E-Gold has less stock market risk. There is a separate National Spot Exchange platform to administer this E-Gold and cannot be traded in NSE & BSE. Hence, it will be less volatile compared to Gold ETF. We need a Demat & Trading account to buy E-gold. It's great for long-term investments, such as daughter's wedding. But if we pull out less than three years, we will have to pay Capital gain taxes.

Gold Funds of Funds:

Gold Funds of Funds or Gold Mutual funds is a mutual fund which will invest in gold ETF. It does not require a stock trading account to invest in. In the systematic investment plan, we can invest for the desired amount in regular intervals. If you withdraw within a year of investing, you have to pay capital gain tax along with the Exit load from fund house. Moreover, the expense ratio will be keptt on our head which are extra compared to Gold ETF. Therefore, the above investment options are better than this option.

Other than this, Central government has another scheme named Gold Deposit Scheme or Gold Monetization Scheme which is between 3 to 7 years. For the gold jewelry which is sleeping in your safety box, government will give interest. But the interest rate is very low. Also, there are rules to get our gold back in between. Moreover, they will scrap the gold and remove the wastage and will consider only the pure gold for the investment. So this is not a good investment.

I believe gold is still a better investment portfolio. But, Gold is old and electronic format of gold is even more better than physical gold investment in this modern era.

That's it right? Nope... there is still one usual point missing here... Guess? Disclaimer :P This blog is a mere co-ordinated information. Please analyze more on gold investment based on your personal financial situation and decide on your own.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Sir.......India Post.....

If you are in home during day time in early 90's, you might have heard a voice says "Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Post...." at your door step quite frequently. Most of us might have been for that voice eagerly on various occasions as the telephone communication itself was far beyond compared to what we see in this digital India...!!!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Awesome "Aasai Mugam" Song

Hey Buddies, I have been awestruck to this song for past 4 days. I keep on listening to this song in repeat mode. It just spreads all over me its magical peace. This will be the one of the songs which will be used in my whole life whenever I am disturbed.